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First School Leaving Certificate Examination

The following steps are necessary for schools to register their student for First School Leaving Certificate:

  • 1
    All the approved schools should pay for the number of students they want to register at the busrary department of EDC.
  • 2
    After payment, each school will be given a username and password for accessing the registration portal
  • 3
    With the username and password, log on to and fill the login form at the right hand side of this web page.
  • 4
    Once the login detail is verified, the registration portal will open up for you to register students
  • 5
    Once logged in, please change the password to one you can remember. The following are action your can perform in the registration portal:

    sendRegister a student
    sendView the total list of registered students
    sendView the photo card of registered students
    sendView the courses registered by a student
    sendGenerate registration number for students
    sendEdit students record
    sendPrint out photo cards and registration list
    sendKey in students continuous assessment results

School Login

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